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Fairy Tail 188

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At least this chapter doesn’t claim to be the climax.

As usual, Lucy is useless. Screaming at inanimate objects tends not to solve problems, dear.

In the long run, the disappointment of Gazille’s fight being cut short could pave the way for more focus on him in the future. Hopefully, the fact that he (presumably) will have a cat companion means that he will begin to matter as much as the main group.

That said, I find myself depressed at the prospect of a character being legitimized thanks only to a cat.

“I don’t need infinite magic. I want an infinite smile!!” is a horrible line. This girl is approaching cat-city levels of terrible.

Mashima has no capacity for dramatic scenes. “Even if it splinters my body, I’ll just stop it with my soul!” Really? That’s the best you could do? Terribly cheesy.

I take it back. This cat-city focus is too much. Can we go back to the little girl now?

There’s no sense of shock in revealing a “major” secret about a character we’ve never met. Also, lone-wing character design is stale.

The lack of character establishment leading to this moment would likely have prevented me from enjoying these scenes regardless, but it’s absolutely impossible to take it seriously because they’re cats.

Final Flash: At least the cats are approaching the climax of their storyline. Anything to be done with them.

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