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History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 386

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Naturally, the “decisive battle” features Touchuumaru. He’s top tier, after all.

P2, top-left panel: For the first time, I find Matsuena’s art a bit off. Apachai’s posture looks rather awkward to me.

An uncharacteristic admittance of weakness from Niijima.

P5, top-left panel: Whoa, again. Maybe the screentone of Miu’s shirt is throwing me off, but her posture seems strange. I’d also say Miu’s chest looks ridiculously torpedo-esque, but I can hardly claim that’s a new transgression.

P6: Wow. Thoroughly impressive spread.

P7: Wow. Thoroughly impressive… yeah. Hello, ladies.

P11: Absolutely fantastic drawing of Shigure. Maybe my favorite page of the whole series. Excellent.

A gratuitous pole-dancing scene mid-fight. Matsuena must have a clear understanding of his fan base.

P15: Yet another excellent shot of Shigure. Not as great as p12, but still great. For the record, I’m judging this on serious artistic merit, nothing else. Honestly.

Final Flash: Promising setup for the main battles of the arc, and some wonderful Shigure action. Great chapter.

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