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Bakuman 90

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P2, top-left panel: I don’t recall Hattori ever being audibly shocked like that. Good sign.

Didn’t expect to see Nakai again. He really disgraced himself when last we saw him. If he’s going to rejoin the main cast, he needs to make up for his mistakes.

Seems like Takagi is still stuck in a Tanto mindset. That’s not entirely bad, in a way. Perfect Crime Club (or whatever it shall soon be named) needs to be drastically different, but Takagi still needs to incorporate what he’s learned from Tanto.

Meeting new assistants is exciting. Really solidifies the sense of publication.

Mashiro has evolved so much as a character. It’s great to see him taking charge of the assistants.

P13, bottom panel: Fantastic! Comical, but also a great example of a confident Mashiro.

P15, second panel: Interestingly drawn panel. The angle, light source, shadow, and facial expression are rather rare for Obata.

Excellent concept for the characters’ names. Pity roman lettering doesn’t lend itself to interesting nuances like that.

… oh dear. PCP. Perfect Crime Party is actually a clever, great name, but… PCP. It’s unfortunate no one at (real-life) Shueisha caught and corrected this, because that’s an instant punchline every time someone new from the Western world reads the series.

P19, top-right panel: Not sure I’ve ever seen speed lines for characters bending over a table. Well, in an all-ages series, at least.

Final Flash: Great chapter. Fun new assistants, a peek into the life of an old character, and some solid development for Ashirogi’s new series.

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