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One Piece 591

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A Crocus and Rayleigh bath scene is one of the last things I expected to see.

Not content with a mere appearance on the cover page, Rayleigh is back, proving his immeasurable awesomeness by swimming the Calm Belt.

The attitude of all the women towards Luffy is excellent.


Equally excellent (or perhaps moreso) is Hancock’s misunderstanding regarding marriage.

Pity that Law is leaving, especially considering that he might have some unexpected knowledge regarding the Will of D. Of course, he’s a great character all around, too. He’ll be missed, but it’s better to leave the audience wanting more of him than giving us too much. This is probably the right amount of exposure for an individual Supernova, for now.

Ominous words

Interesting to discover that Rayleigh cared for the Boa sisters after their escape from servitude.

Confirmation that Kuma as we knew him was working for the Revolutionary Army. Who knows what condition he’s in now, but it’s good to finally have closure on part of his reasoning.

Shakky’s unreasonable accuracy makes Hancock joining the crew a tiny bit more possible.

Actual scenes of the crew! Their reactions are just right, as well.

Attention Toei: I would not mind filler if it focused on the adventures of Fat Usopp and Herculesn. Also, feel free to further investigate the fascinating biology of this island.

As always, when it is most called for, Usopp provides the true manliness of a sworn brotherhood. His impassioned words are perfect.

Chopper(man) has brought peace to the Torino Kingdom. Fantastic.

The last panel of the chapter is the best one. Predictions welcome on the new bounty.

Show us, Chopper!

Final Flash: Excellent chapter all around, and an exciting cliffhanger.

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