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Fairy Tail 191

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I’m not sure how I feel about the female being reduced to the role of “cleric,” but it’s nice to see Wendy as an integral part of the action.

Missile arrays feel out of place in a magical fantasy series.

Natsu had to save poor little Wendy after all. When she was introduced, I was hoping Mashima had finally created a female character strong enough to stand on relatively even terms with Natsu. She even had the Dragonslayer title backing her up. Ultimately, though, it seems like she’s being firmly cast as support, even in the hierarchy of Dragonslayers.

The Dragonslayers’ ability to eat magic continues to play a far too important role in climactic fights.

No argument here

Black Heaven? Does Mashima not realize that’s the name of a different series? Someone should have given him a cautionary warning.

Mystogan was defeated on purpose. Garbage.

I’ve heard of lazy eyes, but lazy eye sockets? It might just be an optical illusion caused by the facepaint, but something seems horribly wrong with Mystogan’s facial structure here:

Awkward art

About time Erza v Erza is beginning to be settled. This should have happened chapters ago.

Final Flash: A couple moments of decent action, and we’re edging closer towards resolution.

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