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One Piece 593

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Robin continues to be involved in the most intriguing subplot of all the Strawhats. Not only is her connection to Ohara fascinating, but now the Revolutionary Army is revealed to have been out to protect her. Excellent.

Great to see Robin’s confidence in her crew. Thanks largely to her involvement and backstory in it, Enies Lobby still stands out to me as the strongest arc in all of One Piece. Any further storylines that can be derived from her past are more than welcome.

Poor Sanji. His reactions are priceless, though.

Best imagined in the voice of Hiroaki Hirata

Hugely important news being discussed here, even if the audience isn’t being made aware of any details yet. Even finding out that the Revolutionary Army has various “leaders” spread around the world is notable, as is Dragon reaffirming the change in Kuma. Also, Dragon seems to have been drawn to look older than in previous scenes.

Noticeably older

Duval! The Thousand Sunny is perfectly safe in his handsome hands.

Even more focus on the duality of Kuma, as again highlighted here by Shakky mentioning the earlier meeting between the still-human Kuma and Rayleigh. With this much focus on Kuma, a revelation must be forthcoming fairly soon.

In an already stunningly vague chapter, Vivi’s comments stand out the most. What could she possibly be reading about Luffy that would lead her to question whether something is “stylish?”

Crocodile is heading to the New World, and Daz Bones is coming with him. Crocodile’s expression is fantastic; he might still be more evil than good, but it seems he’s regained the fire he once had as a young pirate, the fire that he mentioned back in Alabasta.

Livelier than usual

Closing out the chapter, some more foreshadowing, this time involving Buggy. It’s unusual (and equally intriguing) that his crew would interpret the contents of the paper in a way that Buggy has been hailed as a hero.

Final Flash: What an overwhelmingly forward-looking chapter. Deliberately confusing, but thoroughly fascinating.

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