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GE ~ Good Ending 43

[scanlation by iMangaScans]

Who cares if the text is long? Just send it! Be done with this.

He calls instead, and the issue is circumvented. That’s not a good sign.

No matter whether Shou should be in the harem again, it’s still sad to see her this distraught over the situation.

Yuki being so perceptive of Shou’s troubles is both a kind character trait and slightly worrisome. It’s great that she’s such a good friend, but I worry that she might use her guilt as yet another self-imposed obstacle in the way of her feelings for Seiji.

Shou is certainly a fan of ice cream.

This is an awkward flashback. It’s a little late to be seeing Shou in such a positive light. I don’t want to be rooting for her anymore; she had her chance already. That’s not to say I dislike her character, but the story needs to progress without her in the spotlight as much.

It seems Yuki is conflicted after all. I can only hope she doesn’t ask Seiji to resume morning practice.

Final Flash: The potential displayed at the end of last chapter hasn’t been realized at all.

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