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Kimi no Iru Machi 99

[scanlation by Red Hawk Scanlations]

Amusing scene with Haruto choosing pork.

Kiyomi has ended up adding great chemistry to the cast. She’s a good love interest for Kazama, she’s a great rival for Eba, and her own sharp personality is cute.

Great conversation in the kitchen between Haruto and Eba. This is so much better than the bitter, awkward angst the series had fallen into for a while.

Eba has lost herself in the moment and gotten close to Haruto again. That’s an important moment.

Key sign of Eba's true feelings

Wow, Kazama is pretty thick not to notice Kiyomi’s obvious feelings at this point.

… well, Kiyomi has certainly taken care of that. Great declaration from her.

Kazama is trying to hook up Haruto with Kiyomi? That’s actually pretty disappointing. The rivalry between Haruto and Kazama has thus far been fairly respectful and honorable; this feels a little underhanded.

Time for Kazama to undergo surgery. It seems obvious that things will proceed smoothly enough, but Seo could throw a major twist into the story within the next few chapters.

Final Flash: Overall good chapter with a minor note of disappointment. Major plot advancement should be forthcoming.

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