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Toriko 104

[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

To the sky!

The Pseudo-Rubanda certainly does look ferocious, even if it is harmless.

Even this narrow sky-vine is a grand setting. Toriko does settings and environments so well. The view from the vine alone is yet another reason why this series deserves (and will most likely get) a full anime adaptation.

Some great focus on Komatsu’s development. Komatsu needs to adapt to this kind of locale to be able to keep up with his soon-to-be combo partner, while Toriko’s concern over Komatsu’s condition in this setting does well to reinforce the relationship.

The Wicked Beanstalk is one of my favorite reader submissions.

Very creative and fun concept

Great frantic action as Toriko maneuvers around the narrow vine while fighting both the Sky Gorillas and Wicked Beanstalks.

Not only does Toriko fall, then unveil a flying squirrel suit, but he must avoid the onslaught of Drill Birds! This chapter is action-packed and correspondingly enjoyable.

A cloud monster. What an ominous next obstacle/opponent.

That's a proper cliffhanger

Final Flash: Great chapter. Lots of action and good progression of the Toriko/Komatsu coupl– er, combo.

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