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Beelzebub 72

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Just because Lock On! has been canceled doesn’t mean Beelzebub needs to compensate for Jump’s sudden lack of speed lines.

More Furuichi is always a positive

A bit of an awkward conversation between Hilda and Kunieda. Kunieda’s feelings for Oga are still cute, but the real thing to take away from this exchange is how focused Hilda is on finding this demon.

Surprisingly touching thought from Kunieda. Beelzebub has yet to really attempt even slightly emotional scenes, likely with good reason, but this one isn’t bad.

Perfect amount of starkness in this panel

Kunieda’s return to the court sparks a comeback from the Ishiyama team. The team rallying together (“Hell yeah!”) and Oga’s spike are both cool moments, and seeing the crowd slowly change allegiance is nice, but all only within the context of this arc. This entire volleyball tangent is still taking entirely too long.

The mystery character knows Oga. Is he someone from Oga’s past, or is he the “demon” Hilda has been searching for? I’m hoping strongly for the latter.

Final Flash: Good volleyball arc chapter, which equates only to a decent Beelzebub chapter.

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