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GE ~ Good Ending 46

[scanlation by iMangaScans]

Seiji is a lost cause. He’ll never have the decency to stay true to Yuki.

Wow. Not only is Seiji unable to focus on one girl, but he’s not even able to focus on the girl in front of him, instead picturing her naked. That’s pretty awful.

Saved by a phone call, and then they both play the whole thing off like a joke. It’s official: I can’t stand our protagonist.


Seiji’s friends are so much more interesting (and tolerable) than he is. Really, this manga has developed an interesting supporting cast for a protagonist who ruins the whole thing.

How to summarize plot

Oh, hey. It’s Yuki.

Final Flash: Hugely disappointing chapter. I have no reason to root for the main character anymore.

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