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Fairy Tail 196

[scanlation by Binktopia]

As stupid as the plan for Pantherlily to kill Mystogan is, it’s even worse to see Pantherlily tell Mystogan (and the audience) how great he is. Might as well just kill him already.

Even less acceptable: Pantherlily turning this ridiculous plan around, and becoming the sacrifice himself. Mashima is obsessed with Gérard.

Thanks for wasting our time, then

Unsurprisingly, Natsu is here to save the day.

Undeniably cute

Natsu’s involvement here isn’t bad, and he and the other two dragons contribute pretty nicely, but ultimately this is still all for the sake of further building up Gérard. Tiresome.

Final Flash: A little comedy here is fine, but as always, any Gérard is unacceptable.

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