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GE ~ Good Ending 48

[scanlation by Eat Manga]

What a forlorn look on Yuki’s face when she hears the news of a proposed trip back home. Let’s hope this doesn’t shift the focus away from her again.

Nice flashback scene of Seiji and Yuki having fun at the waterpark. We need to be shown scenes like this more often. There’s been too much drama lately.

Seiji is completely right about the agony of being apart from the one you love, but rolling around on the floor in front of your parent is not exactly a mature way of handling it.

Now Seiji is practically bragging on his way to morning practice? You’ve been a miserable, two- (or three-) timing scumbag for the past several chapters. One chapter of keeping your eyes on Yuki does not earn you enough glory to be able to boast.

Wipe that undeserved grin off your face

Well, at least Seiji is properly shaken up by news of Yuki going back home. That’s more dedicated than he’s been for a while.

The conversation between Shou and her friend begins awkwardly and a bit too direct, but eventually Shou is revealed to be handling what happened between herself and Seiji as maturely as could be hoped. She’s acting just like our protagonist should be, while Seiji is off panicking and fantasizing about anything and everything.

Seiji is following Yuki to her home. A similar storyline greatly reduced the overall quality of Kimi no Iru Machi; let’s hope that Good Ending can present such a storyline in a more interesting and less angst-ridden fashion.

Final Flash: One chapter after reestablishing Yuki as the “right” choice, she’s pushed further away, and the spotlight again shines on Shou. Make up your mind, Sasuga.

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