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Fairy Tail 198

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Fanservice? On a Fairy Tail cover?

It’s a huge relief that everything so far seems back to normal, but the other shoe is poised to drop.

The miserable sound of tumbling shoes

The Exceed are being further glorified with a new convoluted explanation of their plan to send their children to the parallel (real) universe. In the end, Mashima is unable even to follow through in keeping the cats even minutely evil. It’s not insulting, because I have no remaining faith in the cats or in Mashima that is left to be insulted, but it’s the sure sign of a poor author, trying to make any ending as comprehensively happy as possible.

In fact, it’s a bit worse than that: Charle has the power of prediction, and all Exceed were just being manipulative and two-faced to her, “for her benefit.”

and Charle is a princess. Why not have everyone get married, while you’re at it? I can’t stand any more saccharine.

Some things are better left unlearned, Natsu

Pantherlily is small and cute now. Great. He was fine just as he was, thanks, particularly considering whose cat he is.

Lisanna. That actually is interesting, given how serious Natsu has become every time she’s been brought up in conversation. That said, I refuse to get my hopes up, considering how promising the disappearance of Fairy Tail was, compared to how hugely awful the Edolas arc has been.

Final Flash

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