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Toriko 109

[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Immediate confirmation that the GT Robo-lookalike is in fact a living thing.

The beast brings a sense of unease and curiosity to Vegetable Sky, and an overall sense that despite their progress, Toriko and Komatsu (Torikomatsu?) have far to go before being established in the Gourmet World.

Toriko’s observations on the beast are fascinating, as well. For the beast not only to be strong and quick enough to bite the Ozone Herb twice within a split-second, but also intelligent enough to study the actions of humans, is excellent foreshadowing for just how terrifying the beasts to come are.

The design of IGO Headquarters is brilliant. What a perfect piece of design for the Toriko world.

Toriko again impresses with its creativity

What a proud parent Ichiryuu must be, to approve of his surrogate son’s new long-term relationship like this.

Tons of great news all in a row: Several new ingredient requests for Toriko/Komatsu, Sani and Coco are presently training, and finally, another mention of Zebra (Zebura?)!

Ichiryuu, nonchalantly performing the same technique as the beast from Vegetable Sky, alludes to some serious future plot.

Final Flash: A hugely intriguing setup chapter. The future of Toriko looks extremely promising.

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