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Toriko 111

[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

The phrase “starting with the legendary ingredient ‘God'” is intriguing. Does the list “start” with God because that’s the most important ingredient, or was that actually the first ingredient Acacia found?

Not to draw any parallels or accuse anyone of plagiarism, but the description of the outlandish Gourmet World has me similarly excited to my outlook on the upcoming New World in One Piece.

Mr. Hatch is being intentionally and curiously vague about this “certain Bishokuya” with whom he traveled.

Excellent pacing of the establishment of the Gourmet World as a feared place. Shimabukuro fit quite a bit of lore into three pages.

I could simply be forgetful of these details, but I find myself surprised at just how proportionally huge the Gourmet World is in comparison to the Human World. That’s quite the vast expanse of adventure waiting for Toriko.

100% promising

Clearly, the Poison Tide is the tailor-made Gourmet World entrance for Coco. Does that mean Sani eventually successfully enters through the sky?

“Someone famous” approaches! This is set up for a major introduction. Time to finally meet Zebura?

Wow. Toriko hasn’t even made it down the cliff and he’s already decimated.

That didn't take long

What an appropriately fearsome beast for Toriko’s first up-close encounter of the Gourmet World. Given his condition, it seems like he could use the help of the aforementioned “someone famous.”

Final Flash: With the last of the important setup now out of the way, this was a good introduction of just what Toriko is up against.

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