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Enigma 5

[scanlation by CXC Scans]

We last left our heroes in a deathtrap of a gym shower. Gym showers are hazards in more ways than one, but not all of them try to drown you.

So we’re hunting not only puzzle pieces, but transparent ones. So they then start finding them by touch, and naturally, the girl with the stretchy third hand can do that exponentially faster. That is a pretty legitimate way to make Hiina the key to winning this scenario.

Needles, your haystack days are numbered

Also, nice quick realization by Sumio that Hiina has and is using a power. He didn’t know earlier, so a little reaction, exactly what is shown, is about right.

Of course their allies can’t open the door. That would spoil the fun of this puzzle having a time limit. Not sure why they don’t just smash a hole in the glass, but maybe the door is more solid than that. Anyway, I’d much rather see legitimate nick-of-time puzzle solving.

The shadow hunting people down apparently both has a personality and is not the only player in this game, referencing another who will “consume” Matsurigi, who incidentally seems to be covered in shadows. Also, he seems to know Matsurigi, his first victim. This provides fuel for too many interesting theories to list here.

Dark matter says hello

That water gets harder to search the higher the level is accurate, and also proof that the author paid attention in math class. Yet another nice touch in a series full of them.

Backstory time, it would seem. Her parents both slept around a bit, rather than just one. The hand was seemingly either developed as a direct response to bullying attempts, but even the way it was used, lifting a wallet from her bag and putting it back in the owner’s stuff, is atypical enough to get the Law of Ueki junkie in me even more excited over the skill sets these characters have.

Hiina wants ‘bonds’ out of this game. That’s a pretty abstract goal, but it does open up the possibility of setting up a long-term plot with her as one of the main party.

Haiba seems set to deliver those bonds of friendship as well, lifting her out of the water as it overtakes her head in a typical shonen hero moment.

Exactly 1 piece still missing. No bets as to it being on the ceiling.

Final Flash: This was a solidly enjoyable chapter for the puzzle hunt and did a good start forming the framework of the larger mystery surrounding the e-test.

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