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Beelzebub 81

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Right from the start, fanservice. I wonder who came up with the term “fanservice,” anyway. Given that shallow and unnecessary flaunting of sex appeal does nothing for me, I take exception to the term “fanservice.” I’m not being serviced. Give me some narrative and serious characters, and get these wet nurses out of here.

Less this, more Furuichi, please

Baby Beel’s older brother looks oddly reminiscent of someone from Medaka Box, but I don’t feel like depressing myself by looking up character names for that series. Regardless, the introduction of someone literally closely related to Beel is an exciting development. I’ve been longing for a return to demon-related plot, and even more than Zenjuurou, this obviously signals the full transition into such a storyline.

Izabella’s ability to summon a throne raises interesting possibilities for the future of Hilda. Clearly, comparison to the wet nurses serving En reveals that she is in dire need of improvement, and the rivalry between these camps (and specifically between Hilda and Yolda, at least) provides the necessary incentive for Hilda to power up. She deserves to remain a support character, and summoning abilities would suit her well.

There’s nothing more mature than Sprite on the rocks, after all.

Shaken, not-- wait, no, don't shake Sprite

Oga’s nonchalant explanation of the situation to Kunieda is fantastic deadpan comedy the way only Beelzebub can do it.

Oga going along with En wanting potato chips would be funny enough to stand out if it weren’t for the hilarious scenario immediately following it, with everyone involved taking the confrontation over to Furuichi’s house.

Oga understands the straight man role quite clearly

The last line of the chapter is exactly right; the king of Hell is extremely random. Zenjuurou’s earlier warning that Oga and Beel need to strengthen quickly seems to be proving correct far earlier than anticipated, and the scenario proving is right is much more direct than expected, as well. I hope this doesn’t turn the series into pure battle shonen, but more fighting is welcome, especially after the volleyball arc.

Final Flash: Excellent comedy and interesting developments, hampered slightly by an uncertain future.

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