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Naruto 517-518

[scanlation by Binktopia]

(517) Who the hell is this guy? Why am I supposed to care about him? Why would Kishimoto start such an important arc by focusing on a complete nobody? This is ludicrous.

At least he’s part of Kankurou’s group, so we get to see a couple familiar faces (as Sai is also part of this division), but if the focus really must be away from more relevant character, I’d much rather be looking at Kankurou or Sai directly, rather than having them as supporting characters to this new guy.

Best job description ever

Kankurou is displaying solid leadership early on in this arc. This kind of detailed minutia, including delegation and tactical planning, is fascinating in most war settings. I can only hope Kishimoto continues this trend.

Anko has been defeated already. I think it’s finally safe to write off her as a complete waste of a character. No, Kabuto was never going to lose to her, or to anyone this early in the arc, but the insult is not that she lost to Kabuto, but that she was up against him at all.

Furthermore, the plan of the Allied Shinobi Forces is ridiculous. Capturing Kabuto simply won’t happen, unless he allows himself to be captured as a ruse, and using illusion techniques on him to trick him into ending Impure World Resurrection is prone to certain failure.

As expected, seeing Deidara and Sasori on the battlefield is tiresome and rehashed. Having new opponents for them is nowhere near refreshing enough to compensate for the fact that we’ve seen the entire extent of them as characters, whether in terms of abilities or personality.

Our awkward chapter protagonist does offer some decent insight into the reality of war, realizing that there is no time to grieve over fallen comrades. That’s a good understanding to reach, but it would be much nicer to read through the eyes of any other character.

Almost like this is out of a manga or something

Sai’s brother?! That’s the last straw. Shin has only ever been shown in extremely brief flashback images. I doubt he’s even had dialogue prior to this chapter. There is absolutely no excuse for including him among the resurrected characters. Kishimoto has completely devalued himself as an author by striving for such a neat and tidy storyline, where every character has a perfect opponent. This is pathetic.

Also pathetic is the last panel of the last page. This character has only just been introduced, and now his decision to stand up and fight is supposed to carry weight? Not a chance. What a rubbish chapter.

(518) Please tell me that we won’t have to suffer through each “good guy” appealing to his resurrected former friend/family member/mentor/etc to “snap out of it” because “it’s me!” Seeing Sai do so immediately weakens him as a character. Everyone in the Allied Shinobi Forces is aware of the Impure World Resurrection technique at this point, so there’s no excuse for this.

Omoi’s “trick” was to slash in another direction. A character is being praised for turning around. Please kill Omoi. This is unbearable.

You can say that last part again... and again...

Finally getting to see Kankurou fight seriously with the Sasori puppet could redeem this battle somewhat.

Kankurou’s ace up the sleeve always seems to be having more puppets than the opponent realizes.

Once again, Deidara and Sasori are getting far too much of the spotlight. Not only is Impure World Resurrection ruining any chance of the arc being good, but it’s also precluding the possibility of new villains being introduced, or even existing ones getting a suitable amount of exposition. Sai’s big moment of anger means nothing, because he’s fighting characters who shouldn’t exist.

Good art, meaningless situation

Perhaps the only thing worse than every character having to meet his/her perfect opponent is having such a face-off be resolved peacefully. Sai’s brother being freed from established constraints through the power of love is sickening.

… well, okay, no. It’s not fair to say that that would be the “only thing worse.” Seeing Sasuke again would be worse than that.

Kankurou barely gets to show off, and the battle is over. That’s just insulting. Even considering the idiocy of the resurrected characters, the very least Kishimoto could have done was give all the time wasted on Omoi to Kankurou. Horrible.

Final Flash: If this opening action is to be any indication, this is going to be an overwhelming disappointment of an arc.

  1. Geg
    November 26, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Omoi was introduced quite a while back, before Pain’s invasion.


    • November 26, 2010 at 8:54 pm

      Point taken, but he’s barely more memorable than Sai’s brother. I stand by everything I said about him being the focal point of the chapter(s).

  2. dm10
    November 26, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    This whole using dead character’s thing could have been so much more interesting if Kabuto had revived character’s we’ve never seen before, like the Mist ninja from the ambush group and the yet to be introduced Kage’s. But according to Kishimoto, the only famous ninja in the Naruto-verse are the ones we’ve already seen.

    On one hand I’m glad that Deidara and Sasori were taken down quickly, just so we don’t have to waste anymore time on them. But on the other hand Kishimoto is just insulting his own characters now. They were both originally really powerful characters and it took a lot to defeat them, but now they’ve been reduced to cannon fodder.

  3. Mangaman
    November 30, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    I honestly disagree with this whole thing. In the beginning it’s showing the Fidel lord because they are telling them to evacuate bcz thee land is about to become. War field. It’s just to give the story some more atmosphere rather then just focus on the main characters. Also omois backslash surprised deidRa because he was going to explode omoi as soon as he got close enough bit he cut sasoris chakra string reducing enemy numbers and keeping himself alive therefore pissing deidara off. I also agree that said bro being resurected was bullpoopy but w.e I will say good job for writing all this but please do not just degrAde high quality manga like naruro for no reason whatsoever becUse it seems like all u so is try to find bad points I’n the manga and when u can’t u just make them up Kay I’m done. This was all typed via iPhone :D

    • November 30, 2010 at 11:05 pm

      I don’t set out to judge any series positively or negatively. I judge everything fairly and equally. I am not “degrading” Naruto; I like the series overall, but I am disappointed in its recent direction. You may disagree with my opinion, but I’ve gone into more than enough detail not to be accused of criticizing the series “for no reason whatsoever.” Furthermore, I don’t “try to find bad points.” I’ve praised the series many times over, quite highly during the Minato/Kushina flashback and as recently as Kabuto’s tactical decision to kidnap Yamato. I respect your disagreement with the review, but please be aware that I am judging every series impartially.

  4. jerrios
    December 3, 2010 at 3:11 am

    Lately i’ve been disgusted with kishimoto’s attempt at continuing this story. I thought bleach was the lowest any author can go at story telling but apparently naruto is no better beginning this arc. Too disgusted to even put in words! No doubt this manga is going to finish with a Love conquers all theme that would make even shakespeare puke!

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