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Bakuman 80

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It seems Ashirogi are aware that Hattori is helping them. Not bad.

I understand culture difference, but I don’t think I could live in a situation where I could be presented with a dinner like Takagi is facing.

Money and Intelligence and Appearance may not be catchy in English, but I like the idea, and KTM is pretty catchy.

Takagi’s mention of Chanel lipstick hints that he may soon walk a very thin line between creativity and upsetting his marriage.

Top-left panel, p10: Priceless.

It’s so exciting to watch a rejuvenated Ashirogi.

“Want to take a bath together?” Go for it, Takagi!

Considering all the buildup was contained to this chapter, I’m not surprised KTM didn’t make the cut. Also, I’m happy for Shizuka’s sake that True Human did.

Final Flash: Extremely anxious to find out what Saiko realized. Great chapter.