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Bakuman 81

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Whoa, Mashiro. Your finger. It’s huge.

I’m liking Hattori’s plan. I like just about anything Hattori is involved with. How much would this manga lose without Hattori?

“Think One Piece and [Dragon Quest II: Dai no Daibouken].” Brilliant line.

Confident-Mashiro has taken this manga to a new level. I’m glad he’s on the same page as Hattori (through Miura).

I love how Eiji can pick up on tiny personal insecurities by reading a script.

“Magma of Stopper”… may not be the best title ever. Keep going, though, you guys are great.

Finally, the culmination. Great time for color pages next chapter.

Final Flash: The great thing about Bakuman’s unique genre is that chapters such as these, which might ordinarily be labeled “transitional” or “setup” chapters, feel just as exciting, interesting, and necessary as the chapters with shocking plot twists.