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Bakuman 83

April 23, 2010 3 comments
[chapter link]

Finally. I’ve been anxious to find out what the postcard signifies.

P2, middle panel: Very reminiscent of Yagami Light. Except, you know… that it’s about trailing someone instead of murder.

It’s great how seriously they’re taking this, turning off their phones and all.

Masks and sunglasses! This is fun.

Hattori’s selections at the bookstore: Absolutely priceless. This is exactly how to properly weave a narrative. Characters don’t always have to come out and explain plot.

Wow. Iwase looks gorgeous. As always, Obata’s art makes a great story even better.

“Your youth is certainly dazzling”? Hilarious.

Follow that taxi! This will be a fantastic episode when the anime gets this far.

So happy to hear that Hattori wanted to be their editor after all. I (like many others) always presumed as such, but it’s good to hear reassurance.

Takagi is finally inspired. After such an enjoyable chapter, I have huge hopes for whatever he comes up with.

Final Flash: Excellent chapter. The tone was a refreshing change of pace, we got to see a little more than expected from some side characters, and Takagi has an idea. Very fun read.