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Bakuman 91

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Well done of Hattori to try to cool down Ashirogi’s focus on popularity. The most popular art in any medium is born from passion, not from an intent to fabricate success.

Fukuda is trying a racing series? That would certainly be interesting in the pages of real-world Shonen Jump. It’s a genre that isn’t often explored in popular shonen magazines.

I really like Fukuda. His ambition, sense of competition, and determination should earn him some more spotlight.

So much wrong here

I’d give so much for a real-life publication of one issue of the fictional Shonen Jump in Bakuman. On top of how creative the series are, Obata makes the covers look excellent.

Kaya, adorable as always

Road Racer seems to be going over well. While I obviously hope for Perfect Crime Party to do the best, Fukuda deserves some success.

P7, bottom panels: Obata has clearly given the internet a new “reaction face” picture set. I’ve cleaned the speech bubbles for you; fill in your own blanks, internet.

Get ready to see this everywhere

P10: Glorious reaction. Everything about this two-page spread is excellent. Mashiro’s reaction, Takagi trying to keep quiet, Kaya not wanting to be overlooked, Hattori incredulous, etc. Fantastic page.

Racer is being serialized! Excellent news.

We get another peek at Iwase, in her now-common fury. This is a nice scene, but we’ve had a few like it before. It’s time to explore her further as a character.

PCP got more votes than Crow. Tremendous sign.

P17: Absolutely stunning page. Incredible.

Very few series could effectively follow such a touching and beautiful moment with a truly funny scene. Bakuman is one of those series.

No longer serious

Final Flash: Overwhelmingly excellent chapter.