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Bakuman 92

July 4, 2010 1 comment
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Azuki is up for a role in Natural. Excellent. Anything to further involve Iwase (and her jealousy) with the main storyline is acceptable.

Mashiro is suitably shocked.

Perfect expression

Excellent maturity displayed by Mashiro. It would be terrible of him to try to influence Azuki’s career.

Awkward intervention by Takagi and Kaya. They’re clearly doing it for the sake of both Mashiro and Azuki, but it comes off as meddling more than concern.

Even Eiji realizes that Azuki shouldn’t try out for the role. Good man.

Explanation behind the Ashirogi name! That’s adorable. Now, to understand “Muto” (unless I missed it ages ago).

Eiji is too excellent. Of course he would understand how nice of a dream Ashirogi shares.

Azuki turns it down herself. What a great moment.

Convenient image

Mashiro to the rescue, too! This couple may be stubborn, but that stubbornness makes moments like this that much sweeter.

Clearly, the focal point of this chapter is the relationship between Mashiro and Azuki, but this is also an amazing Eiji chapter.

That said, the last page is reassuring and heartwarming.

Final Flash: Cute chapter. It wasn’t the most in-depth chapter, nor did it progress the story too much, but it was still fun.