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Bakuman 93

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Fantastic facial expression right off the bat. Iwase is becoming a strong antagonist.

Hell hath no fury...

Azuki is either being extremely bold or affirming as strongly as possible that she and Mashiro can’t meet again until they’ve achieved their dreams. This lends credence to the idea that Bakuman could be a comparatively short series, as it would feel odd for these two not to meet again for a long time.

Excellent backbone displayed by Miura in his meeting with Iwase. His involvement in his new role has been a question mark, but he’s obviously up to the task.

These series that are being rattled off in passing sound amusing. Who wouldn’t want to read Catalogue God John?

I’m not sure I like how the stipulation attached to PCP’s publishing run is being spread around so quickly. For Ashirogi to know it is one thing, since they need to be coming up with ideas good enough to keep the series alive, but I don’t like Miura, Iwase, or particularly Eiji knowing it. It cheapens the aspect of competition if everyone realizes that Ashirogi are under greater pressure.

Interesting phone call from Iwase. It seems she still has her wits about her enough to realize that winning doesn’t mean much if your competition isn’t fighting at full strength. Still, I hope she doesn’t completely slide into a more peaceful rival role, but instead adds a touch of respect to her intensity regarding Takagi.

Final Flash: Strange chapter. Iwase is a good character, but all this focus on her results in a disappointing lack of the sense of competition between Ashirogi and Eiji.