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Bakuman 98

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Good Jump cover, but an even better chapter color cover. Fantastic color spread.

Do want

Interesting timing for a Takagi/Iwase flashback. Also, as well as Iwase has been developed into a rival character, it’s still nice to see the old love-struck Iwase.


It’s always amusing to see Crow’s editor excited over its position, as though it should still be surprising. That said, what placed first? Unless I’ve missed a major plot point, it’s odd that some series can do so well and yet remain anonymous.

Those are pretty… specific bet conditions from Iwase.

Has she been giving this some prior thought?

A rival character, being written by a character with a rivalry, who is written by an author drawing from personal experience (and therefore, who likely has a rivalry). Takagi’s decision to turn Akechi into a rival character is yet another amusing exercise in meta.

Great PCP scene, good decision not to have Akechi turn around, and I love that we actually got full pages of PCP within the Bakuman chapter. That’s something I hope we see more often.

I will admit to thinking the chapter was over when I saw the usual Jump chapter-ending logo on the last PCP page.

What a cliffhanger. Next week can’t come quickly enough.

Final Flash: Diverse and engaging chapter, with a properly infuriating cliffhanger.