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Bakuman 99

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Binktopia]

What a great start to the chapter. It might have been necessary and expected for PCP to pass at least one series, but it’s still an exciting moment. They were only 2 votes away from Crow, no less.

Continuing that great start, direct acceptance from the editor-in-chief is a huge moment in the series.

Appropriate reaction

+Natural placing sixth elicits mixed feelings from me. It’s a creative touch not to have PCP outrank +Natural by one place, but it diminishes the impact of PCP’s success somewhat to have it achieve the goal through the poor performance of one of the two target series.

The couple pages spent looking at other series are well spent, particularly the peek at Fukuda panicking about Road Racer Giri.

Iwase crying alone at the restaurant booth is truly difficult to read. She’s been chasing after Takagi’s natural success for so long, and after only a short period of success, she’s once again been bested by him. Worse still, +Natural is underperforming as a direct result of her idea to include the character Crow. Tragic moment for her.

PCP is being adapted to a drama CD! Things are progressing very quickly. At this point, it feels like the series could end within a handful of chapters if Ohba and Obata wished it.

Mashiro could not be cuter as he frantically requests Azuki as the voice actress for Mai.

Slightly excitable

I’ve been very pleased with Binktopia scanlations to date. However, to the immature idiot who thought it would be hilarious to subtly write “Boobies \o/” over Kaya’s chest: You are ruining artistic integrity. There is no place in your scanlations for a 12 year old’s pitiful attempt at humor. No one reads manga because of you. Never alter someone else’s work.

That unnecessary idiocy aside, it’s nothing new for Kaya to react in a cute fashion to Mashiro and Azuki’s relationship, and this is no exception.

Azuki tearing up at the prospect of voicing Mai in the PCP drama CD is another fantastic moment. This chapter is really pulling out all the stops.

The editor-in-chief has offers for a PCP anime! Maybe we’re even closer to the end of the series than I’ve expected.

Final Flash: Hugely impactful chapter, with great moments on practically every page.