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Beelzebub 56

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The cover is simple but effective.

Actually, the second color page is even better. It might have been too crowded for the cover.

(Also, let’s not neglect how adorable Baby Beel is on that color page.)

Oh, are we translating their name now? The Six Horsemen? Let’s see, that would be Flair, Blanchard, Anderson…

Alex Rodriguez? Um, okay.

Gou is from the Amateur Radio club. That’s fantastic.

P13, top panel: Sometimes, it takes seeing Himegawa from an angle to truly appreciate the pompadour.

Absolutely love the twists in the expected fight pairings. Truly excellent.

That punch. Man. Admittedly, a little reminiscent of Luffy’s OHKO against Bellamy, but still, wholly worthwhile.

Final Flash: Even more enjoyable than I anticipated. Fantastic.