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Beelzebub 60

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Color page: Colors are pretty good, but this isn’t the most flattering example of this mangaka’s art. Too many of Oga and Toujou’s features look similar.

Page 5, top-left panel: Oga’s willing to fight! Excellent.

So Izuma not only dodges Toujou, but somehow hits his arm in such a way that it’s smoking? Scary.

Not sure how I feel about Toujou shrugging off Miki’s attack. It’s a cool scene, but I thought we’d already established that Oga was above Toujou.

Deathmatch. Yeah, Izuma is scary.

Furuichi! Back to chasing girls, too. Can’t go wrong, here.

Expulsion? That can’t actually happen, can it?

Final Flash: Some cool moments, but it’s very disappointing not to see any of the fights resolved.