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Beelzebub 62

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The title of this chapter is “Boobie Volley”? Assuming that’s not some kind of ridiculous typo, I’m intrigued.

Hildegarde transferring to the school only bodes well for fans of the Kunieda/Hilda rivalry, myself included.

P4, top-left panel: Furuichi is incredible.

Alain Delon! Wow. My reaction is pretty much equal to the students’.

Page 9 is a testament to how fantastically funny this series is.

Great Furuichi chapter.

Final Flash: The exchange between Izuma and Miki gives hope that the sports festival will just be a cover for fights, but the main cast did nothing to dissuade me from worrying that we’re moving too far away from the action. Still, as a comedy chapter, excellent.