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Beelzebub 64

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Baby Beel has a Push-Pop! I want a Push-Pop.

Only Furuichi could focus exclusively on panties in those circumstances.

Very happy to see Kunieda’s role and importance increasing within the group. I realize this is for a silly volleyball match, but surely their bonds are growing stronger overall and not only within the context of sport.

MK5? That was a little unexpected. Cannon fodder to prove the main group is ready, perhaps.

“Lose in one page” is fantastic. That’s the first time I can recall Beelzebub explicitly breaking the fourth wall.

Miki training can only bode well. This little volleyball arc is amusing, but I don’t want this series to go the way of Prince of Tennis before it and take away from the intensity of its main storyline with too many nonsensical side stories.

Final Flash: Good comedy, but I’m most excited about the “Next issue, Oga vs Miki again!?” teaser at the end of the chapter.