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Beelzebub 65

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This is only day 2 of practice? I hope we don’t stay like this for too long. This is a comedy/fighting series, not a volleyball series.

The entirety of page 3 is fantastic.

P4 / cover page: … okay, actually, if this is the kind of volleyball we’ll be playing, we can stay in this story arc a little longer. I don’t mind.

A demon lurking in the school would be an excellent way to spice things up. As enjoyable as the school arcs are, the Demon World arc was cut far too short. The major hindrance Beelzebub has before it can be considered a major series alongside its shonen counterparts is that it’s yet to attempt a long, comparatively serious arc. The Demon World teased such an arc, but wasn’t nearly enough.

P7, center-left panel: Priceless reaction.

Thankfully, Oga shares my disinterest in volleyball, and still only cares about fighting. Also, tandem tantrums are cute, Baby Beel.

I have no idea which P13 panel I prefer. What a page.

P14, bottom-left panel: Interesting choice of humor. It’s a funny gag, but it does somewhat take away what menace Miki had left after being emasculated by Izuma.

P18, bottom-right panel: Damn right, Baby Beel! Get on with the action already.

No. Instead, continuation of the Oga/Miki flashback. Hopefully this time we’ll get the full story.

Final Flash: Fairly protracted setup chapter. Some good comedy, but it seems Tamura can’t quite decide where to focus.