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Beelzebub 68

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Oga lost after all. Ultimately, hiding the ending of the fight until this chapter was just a plot device. Disappointing.

Furuichi watching the upcoming fight while eating serves no particular purpose other than being funny. Still, it accomplishes that well.


Toujou is right. Oga has become weak. I like that the main character has to again claw his way to the top of a newly-established power hierarchy, but it’s a little confusing that there wasn’t a transition. Oga went from the top to mediocre without any real explanation.

Baby Beel steals the chapter. Fantastic scene with him awarding the victory to Oga.

Finally, time for the school festival.

Final Flash: Beelzebub seems to be in a confused state right now. Its pacing is awkward and its characters, while still funny, are stagnating without appropriate development. Hopefully the school festival either brings back some consistent quality or ends quickly to pave the way for a new story arc.