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Beelzebub 69

[scanlation by Keishou]

Shonen Jump references! Nice to see some appreciation for some other great series, especially Sket Dance, which (I am obligated to remind the internet) desperately needs translators to bring the series up to date. It is hilarious and well worth the time.

Kyle and Switch are too awesome for just one series each

Poor Alain Delon. Creepy mustached interdimensional vessels deserve maid cafe love, too.

Fun gag scenes involving Furuichi and the maids.

Eat up, Predator. It's getting cold.

The Horsemen are keeping things under control after all. They may be antagonists, but they still show loyalty towards their school. Good characterization.

Not at all on time, Oga is finally here. The “setup chapter” feel from all this is overwhelming.

Clearly, the long-haired character who was mixed in with all the thugs from Teimou has an upcoming important role to play. Could he even be the “demon lurking within the school” Hildegarde and Alain Delon spoke of chapters ago?

Not to be ignored

Final Flash: Some funny moments, but very much a preparatory chapter.