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Beelzebub 74

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Kiriya’s plan is to get Oga expelled through violence. I suppose that’s fitting for this series and these characters.

It’s quite surprising that Oga hasn’t immediately disregarded the consequences and struck back at Kiriya.

Miki steps in to retaliate on behalf of Oga. It’s looking like the Oga/Miki conflict is behind us, and that Kiriya will force a reconciliation.

Well, you were a little slow in realizing what Oga did for you, Miki (… years slow, in fact), but at least you’ve finally come around.

Menacing Oga returns! Excellent panel and following page.

You've been missed, demon

Great way to end the chapter, with Oga recognizing Miki by name.

Final Flash: The first completely volleyball-free Beelzebub chapter since the sports festival began is a clear step back in the right direction.