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Beelzebub 76

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

As awesome as Oga eschewing sensibility and consequences is, perhaps the situation called for a little less overwhelming power.

Judging from the following panels, it seems that Oga did not actually fully transform, but instead projected a horrifying vision to Kiriya. That said, what a fantastic scene.

Magnificently creepy

Izuma clearly knows something about Oga’s demonic power. As the secretly-evil student council president, Izuma has already been a good character; for him to become involved with the supernatural plot of the series further improves him, and it makes the transition back into such plot less jarring.

Exciting writing choice

Himekawa may only be a secondary character, but all the humor surrounding him makes him an invaluable member of the cast.

A real demon-related cliffhanger! Between the man with the Zebul tattoo and the teaser about Baby Beel, this cliffhanger appears to foreshadow exactly the plot the series needs right now.

Final Flash: Great conclusion to an underwhelming arc, and excellent intrigue heading into the new one.