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Beelzebub 77

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Baby Beel singing is the perfect way to start a chapter. How funny.

He has a fan club, too! This is great stuff. Also, Oga should really teach Beel the proper way to eat Pocky.

Just a little off with your aim, Beel

We’re right back in the comedic swing of things, with Kunieda’s followers just as harsh to Oga as they’ve ever been.

Miki is being unbelievably suggestive in his awkward approaches to Oga. Fortunately, Baby Beel has an appropriate reaction and facial expression for this, as well.


Shizuka and Toujou clearly have some history together, given that she feels comfortable enough with him to call him by a nickname. Shizuka has potential to be a good character, but so far we’ve seen far too little of her.

A very exciting meeting between Oga, Toujou, and Izuma is interrupted by this ominous new character. The fact that he is strong enough to wipe them all out in a flash is promising, as this series has lacked a consistent mentor character. Someone authoritative who can keep these delinquents in check is a welcome addition. Plus, his tattoo means he may be able to serve as a mentor to Oga with regard to the demon storyline, which deserves a renewed focus.

Final Flash: Great comedy and good action are the foundation of any enjoyable Beelzebub chapter.