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Bleach 398

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Human and frog! No, that’s the other series. Shouldn’t be another living thing, anyway, that’s done to death. Human and … the internet! Wait, that’s Freakazoid. … man, how much would I rather be watching Freakazoid right now? That was a fun series.

I should really do the same panel background study I did for the last chapter of Lock On!, but telling you that the backgrounds of Bleach are horrid wouldn’t exactly be breaking news, would it?

Oh. It’s Gin. I remember that guy. … yep.

Come to think of it, there’s another study: I wonder how many chapters of Bleach in the last year have had a “shocking” character appearance. Two years, even. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was a streak going.

I bet Ichigo’s dad is going to win, guys! Did you see that attack?! That’s gotta be it!

Final Flash: It’s no Freakazoid.