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Bleach 409

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P1: Even color pages are mostly white.

Interesting choice of characters to feature on the color cover, considering we haven’t seen them in so long.

P3: In this week's chapter...

Ichigo’s drowning! This is the best chapter in years!

Oh, wait, nevermind. He’s being rescued by another pretty-boy.

I appeal to a demographic

Was Zangetsu not attractive enough for the audience? I understand the idea that Ichigo entered into his realm while in bankai, so something might look different, but I disapprove of this specific redesign.

* Panel might not actually be canon

P13: Isshin isn’t really serving any kind of purpose by explaining this. His words are intended to create suspense, but instead, he only comes off as a know-it-all, boasting that he has already experienced this and understands what’s happening.

The prospect of learning about the motivation and history behind zanpakutou is less than exciting.

“How much longer until Ichigo learns his new technique…?” indeed. Also, how much longer until Aizen does anything? Legitimately menacing antagonists act; they don’t casually stroll from place to place.

Final Flash: It’s flawed, but this training arc is still markedly better than the last arc.