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Bleach 411

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Background of the week

What a miserable cover page. Your mascara is running, Ichigo.

Incredibly dull and predictable conversation. “I have to beat you?” / “No, you must become me.” is grade school-level fanfiction tripe.

Still in the Deicide naming scheme, inexplicably.

Last week’s twist is revealed to be… Don Kanonji? … why? That’s not funny, or shocking, or relevant, or meaningful to the story, or…

He didn’t lose to Aizen. Don Kanonji wasn’t instantly killed by Aizen. This is beyond laughable. Pathetic is too soft a term. Give him a Bankai, while you’re at it. In fact, can he get his own Hougyoku?

Twist of the week

Matsumoto, again. This is outright infuriating. Kill her off already. Be done with it.

Final Flash: Ink on paper.