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Bleach 412

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Go ahead, Kubo. Reveal that Matsumoto is evil. Have her confess her love for Gin. Something. Give us a reason she’s been important enough to show chasing after Aizen and Gin in every chapter.

More comedy in a showdown with Aizen. Unacceptable.

Gin picks up Matsumoto and whisks her away from Aizen. If Kubo was capable of planning long-term plot twists, I’d give him some credit for maintaining the possibility that Gin is secretly at odds with Aizen.

Background of the week

More Don Kanonji, and more comedy. There’s absolutely no consistency to anything. Kubo has no plan.

Twist of the week

All those weeks of Matsumoto hints, just for her to be left lying on the ground, without the audience even getting to see what happened. Pathetic.

Final Flash: Bleach has the uncanny ability to make me run out of negative adjectives.