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Bleach 415

August 4, 2010 2 comments
[scanlation by Binktopia]

Oh good. A flashback.

Aizen, despite the fact that his chest has been exploded, still has enough about him to strike at Gin. It seems as though broken Aizen will carry on being broken.

This is not art

A huge scream and a pillar of light. Does this mean last week’s potential outcome #2 has been chosen? Gin dies in a few chapters for no productive reason?

Background of the week

Aizen is a butterfly. If this series didn’t kill any emotion I have every time I read it, I’d be laughing uncontrollably for the next several hours. Our unstoppable antagonist is a butterfly. Also, how horrendous is that close-up of his face?

Within the last couple months, both One Piece and Naruto have had chapters with exemplary demonstrations of textless storytelling. Someone at Shueisha should really encourage Kubo to attempt to emulate other aspects of those two series, such as character development, setting, story, pacing, backgrounds, abilities…

Gin has eyes. That’s the most interesting thing to happen in Bleach this week. Well, I suppose confirmation that Gin has been attempting to play the hero all along is worth a mention.

Twist of the week

Final Flash: Bleach is ranked eighth in this week’s Shonen Jump table of contents. Just thought you might want to know that.