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Code:Breaker 81

It’s a little cheap the way The One Being Sought always has another power handy. Now he’s Diavolo and Wolverine?

“Presser” is a bad attack name.

Code:Names? Uh-oh. That’s the sign of the next major series of fights. I never like when enemies are prefaced like this. At least these won’t all have Spanish titles. (I hope.)

The Seeking One, is it? That sounds a little less cool. Too bad.

The direction this chapter is going, by humanizing The Seeking One, is making me worry that we have another Itachi on our hands, i.e. the credible villain the series has built up since the beginning is actually a good guy (… well, kinda) and other, stronger people are the real evil ones.

“Deep Presser” is even worse.

The two-page spread is pretty cool.

The second two-page spread is even better. Itachi scenario avoided; this storyline has a little similarity, but is far better.

Final Flash: Mixed feelings about this climax, because of the foreshadowing of the Code:Names, but overall, the fights were good.