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Defense Devil 46

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Why, hello there, fanservice.

P2: Fanservice!

Naruto certainly didn’t introduce nor revolutionize the concept, but given the recent popularity of Tsunade as a character, Brillheart and her similar age concealment gimmick feel a bit stale. (That said, we have no reason to believe Tsunade doesn’t wear panties; Brillheart certainly fulfills fanservice requests more directly.)

The Coneheads-esque outfits worn by all the subordinates in these fights are… well, not the pinnacle of design, let’s say.

P10: Okay, maybe these guys are supposed to be comical. I have no other explanation for this move.

About time Jupiler revealed her obvious hidden power. Why else would we focus on the same endangered child so many times?

P17: Fanservice!

Final Flash: Good action. In fact, notably good, since it’s difficult to keep good pacing with so many separate fights going on simultaneously. Also, fanservice!