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Fairy Tail 182

April 29, 2010 2 comments

When’s the last time you saw One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc., use a narrative box for recap purposes? Even Hunter x Hunter doesn’t do that, and it goes on hiatus for months at a time. Major series don’t need to refresh anyone’s memory.

Magic vs. … a guy who throws boats.

Wait, or is it magic vs. an amusement park?

Okay, two notes on the other, uglier baddie: 1. Kurama; 2. his weapon can make anything soft and limp? I don’t even have to say anything; the jokes write themselves.

Ugh, taking a roller-coaster picture? Really?

Dramatic Natsu panels have lost all their edge at this point. They’re like “shocking” twists in the last three pages of any given Bleach chapter.

Nice to see Aquarius facing a real challenge. She was too one-dimensional of a character.

Mashima would be well served learning to stagger fights in such a way that not every single protagonist is on the brink of the losing, while simultaneously the world faces some kind of cataclysm, before inevitably someone (Natsu) turns the tide and saves the day.

Final Flash: Stupid amusement park.