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Fairy Tail 186

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A cover page with animals on it? No parallels to be drawn here. Nope. None.

Shut up, Conis! … I mean, Wendy!

Oh, good, Gazille. That’s not sarcasm, either; he’s about the only character I care to see right now.

“I’m gonna make him my cat.” I sincerely hope this happens. Gazille is pretty cool.

P17, bottom-right panel: Was that really necessary?

Oh, Erza. I was wondering how long it would take to get back to her.

Bizarro Erza won? Doubtful. She’s probably the real Erza, ex-quipped to look like the Bizarro Erza, to get past the door.

Final Flash: On one hand, that wasn’t enough Gazille. On the other hand, we get more Gazille later.