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Fairy Tail 193

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Four pages wasted on establishing that each character has an opposite. We were already well aware of that, thanks.

Finally, the Erza fight continues. Maybe we’ll get lucky, and it’ll end in this chapter.

Mashima has again revealed his complete lack of creativity, rehashing another idea from Rave. This time, it’s Ravelt.

Might as well have Haru join the cast

Of course, each Erza’s trump card is destroyed, so we’re “treated” to a catfight.

In Fairy Tail tradition, the fight is ultimately won by force of willpower rather than any tangible or interesting means.

Not content to allow a hesitant positive (end of the Erza fight) to take the spotlight, Mashima has to reintroduce Gerard’s face, which is factually impossible to like.

Final Flash: At least that fight is over. We’re nearing the end of the arc.