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Gamaran 43

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I have absolutely no qualifications to talk about proper swordfighting technique, and I know this is manga, but the stance for Muhi Musou Renjin seems a little… completely wide-open. Even for a fully offensive move, it makes little sense. If this is grounded in any reality, he would die before even reaching his target.

I point it out in the bad series, so I have to play fair and point it out in better ones: Hugely disappointing number of speed lines this chapter. I know the action is fast-paced, but limit yourself.

P13, top panel: Why we like this series.

I hope when I die, I don’t say “Abeh…”

Final Flash: Shinnoujou’s fight is over. It might have lasted a little too long for my tastes, but it was still acceptable. Ready for the main cast again.