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GE ~ Good Ending 41

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Last chapter was immensely disappointing. Now, the results of Seiji and Yuki overhearing what should never have been said.

It’s bad enough that Shou is back in the harem; it’s worse that her friend is creating a terrible misunderstanding.

That's right. Keep melting.

Yuki’s lack of ambition and drive to chase after Seiji even a little is frustrating. I realize her natural inhibitions, and I also realize that Shou is far more than a casual acquaintance to her, but Yuki shouldn’t just allow a love rival an opportunity like this. She should be fighting for her love in some capacity, even if not overtly.

Major question at the end of the chapter. This is a perfect chance to get the harem back down to a love triangle, but I have little faith in the author after last chapter. I hope to be proven wrong.

Final Flash: Slightly better than last chapter, but the story is still treading water. Seiji must forget about moving forward without hurting anyone, and simply go after Yuki.