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GE ~ Good Ending 42

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Seiji chickened out and said nothing. Classic “I don’t want to hurt anyone, so I end up hurting everyone” protagonist. Having a spine wouldn’t hurt.

He can’t even talk to Yuki properly. This is such a letdown.

This is looking better. Seiji is actually acting straightforwardly again, asking Yuki out as thanks. Good move.

… of course, it ends up being a trap, with Shou already there. Awful.

Highlight of the chapter

What a ridiculous flashback. Such a silly way for Yuki and Shou to have become friends.

Don’t tell me that Shou is going to realize Seiji’s love for Yuki because of an argument over banana or orange better complementing chocolate.

Just in time, an actual positive moment in the chapter. Yuki’s smile after hearing about Seiji’s decision is step forward.

Final Flash: Too silly of a chapter overall, but one good moment partially redeemed it.